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Mobility Solutions for First Responders

Mobile computing devices are essential for providing mission critical information.  Public Safety workers are increasingly using mobile devices and mobile connectivity to collect, access and share data in the field. The most important benefit of doing so is faster, more informed decision-making.  Enchanted Technology Solutions provides everything you need to ensure you are connected in emergency situations.

Panasonic Rugged Computers

Full TOUGHBOOK® Line of Laptops & Tablets

Rugged Modems and Routers

Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint

Rugged Mobile Printers and Scanners

L-TRON Scanners, Brother Rugged Mobile Printers and more

Printer Mounting Solutions

LEM Solutions, LLC

Body Cameras and In Car Video

Panasonic Body Cameras, Panasonic Arbitrator 360HD In-Car

Vehicle Mounting/Docking Solutions:

Gamber Johnson & Havis

License Plate Recognition

Smart Energy


In rugged environments where reliability and security are crucial, Enchanted Technology Solutions, empowers companies in the energy, oil, gas, and utilities fields to build and operate efficient, dependable systems.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® Laptops, Tablets, and Handhelds

Full Panasonic Line of TOUGHBOOK® Ruggedized                     Computers

Rugged Modems for Remote Monitoring:

Full line of Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint solutions available

Vehicle Mounting/Docking Solutions:

Gamber Johnson & Havis

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